A 20mm wide x 4mm deep shadow gap groove detail, to create a 2 panelled door effect. The panel is full thickness to the door. For a contemporary and modern look. Looks best in both veneered, and also painted for a clean aesthetic.

Care must be taken when using any door being installed within a pocket where the door includes decorative features in the faces.

This is to ensure that those features are central as intended when the door is in the closed position, as some of the door edges are concealed within the frame when the door is closed. In most situations the decorative features will need to be offset slightly to maintain the visual aspect as intended. 

Doors with decorative features in the faces also need particular care when being installed in Fire Rated kits to ensure they comply with the scope of the Fire Certification. Please contact sales@portman-pocketdoors.co.uk office with any questions.

Two Panel Shadow Gap Door