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Standard Sliding Door Gear
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Portman sliding door gear is available without the full pocket for over-the-wall (standard sliding) applications. 1.8m 2m, 3m or 4m lengths of track are available which can be used with either standard P700S (surface mounted) OR flush P700F door hanger brackets to suit individual timber/framed door leaves up to 80kg as standard. Timber/framed hanger kits come complete with stainless steel trolleys with needle roller bearing wheels, standard or flush door hangers, buffered adjustable track mounted end stops, a stainless T shaped door bottom guide, M8 hanging bolts and locking nuts, screws and adjustment spanner. For frameless glass door panels please see below download for parts. If the track is to be mounted onto the face of the wall rather than top hung please also request P701 side mounts (1no every 40cm). We also recommend the use of a door bottom channel – see download for guidance
IVEGA Stainless Steel sliding Door Gear
Portman’s IVEGA is manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel. A simple and elegant aesthetic as well as precision manufacture result in a high quality look, feel and tactile experience. Roller wheels use with shielded ball bearings allow the door leaf to glide effortlessly along the track. A concealed floor mounted guide is centrally located to eliminate any swinging effect and allow a uniform movement during sliding. Components can be supplied finished in either satin brushed or polished finishes, when ordering please add SS (for satin) or PS (polished) suffixes to the part numbers over.

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